Love Story: Naomi & Victor

I don’t know if there is something in the air but I am the biggest sap these days! I’m almost embarassed to admit it! Often times I can appreciate the attention put into a beautiful event but to me, a wedding is just that–one day to celebrate a couple. What moves me and what I truly admire is when I can see the joyful love between a couple. In life, we face challenges with believing that love can last. The test of time is a difficult one and we all learn that change is an inevitable part of everyone’s story.

Something about Naomi & Victor makes you want to have faith and fall in love over and over again. A girl after my own heart, Naomi is a dreamer and has a passion for travel. France has always had special place with me and both the bride & groom say that it is one of their favorite destinations. Delbarr Moradi does an excellent job of creating the aura of the French countryside in Victor’s childhood hometown of Los Altos. (On a side note, I may be developing a serious girl crush on Delbarr, she has amazing style!)

Sources: Style Me Pretty, Delbarr Moradi

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