I haven’t been so diligent about ‘journaling’ during my pregnancy but it didn’t take long for me to learn that pregnancy brain is totally real. I already had a terrible memory to begin with so I figured I better get to it before I forget everything. I may not be taking weekly pictures of my belly but my attempt is to keep some sort of memory of what this experience was like.

So I decided trimester recaps would suffice as I didn’t actually experience too many drastic changes at any particular point. Maybe as I get closer to birth, I’ll have more to update on but we shall see. To start off, I would say that I’ve been extremely lucky to have an easy pregnancy so far. I say so far only because part of me gets nervous that things are almost too good that maybe later is when it will get harder. But I attribute my good health to my positive attitude so might as well keep on keeping on.

So what’s it really like being pregnant?

The biggest change that comes with pregnancy is not so much the fact that you have a tiny human growing inside you; that happens pretty gradually. I mean really, just watch your stomach, it takes weeks/months. But what is different is the way people look at you, talk to you and act towards you. Even before you start to show, you notice their eyes immediately fall to your abdomen and you can tell that they just want to aww at you.

Before you can figure out that your life is about to completely change, the questions people constantly ask will be your big red flag… When are you due? Do you know the sex? How do you feel? Is it weird? Are you craving anything? Game over. Ha, I’m kidding. I definitely get a sense that people will often times get more worked up and excited than the people who are actually pregnant. But it’s fun, enjoy it. It’s probably the only time you will get so much special treatment. Once baby arrives, all eyes are on baby.

What is surprising is that people expect you to say the things like I would love some pickles and ice cream right about now. Unfortunately for them, my pregnancy is kind of on the boring side. It actually feels kind of normal… it’s natural and not as foreign as you might imagine. But again, maybe it’s just me. I know others who have a much more difficult time and everyone is different.

That’s another thing you learn quickly, everyone is so quick to offer advice about pregnancy and having kids but just remember to take it with a grain of salt. No one will know your body and your baby better than you and your partner. So do whatever you feel is best for your family and don’t worry about the million and one things everyone tells you.

I can’t tell if I am sad or excited that we are about to ring in a new year. We have so much to look forward to in 2014 but looking back I am in awe of how incredibly lucky we have been. Never could I have guessed that so much would change in just one year. It has all gone by so quickly and I’m afraid it will become just a distant memory soon. I just wish time would slow down a little so I can hold on a tiny bit longer… perhaps the right word to describe it is bittersweet.

The past few years weren’t exactly the easiest of times but little did I know what life had in store for us. Nothing could have prepared me for what is about to come but life’s faith in me has given me faith in life. It has brought me a renewed optimism and thirst for adventure. For that alone, I am already grateful as it reminds me of the person I have always been, a part of me that I lost sight of.

I don’t remember what I was doing around this time last year or even in the first half of 2013. But in a matter of months, Kevin and I managed to see our best friends get married in Boston, travel across the Pacific to Shanghai & Seoul on our first international trip together, get engaged AND plan two weddings! But none of this can top our greatest feat… rather our most precious gift. We’re having a baby!

As I sit here writing, I still can’t believe where our journey has taken us. I know that this is just the beginning of our adventure and that we have so much to learn and experience together. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to have beside me and to share it all with. Sometimes it sort of feels like the end of an era but whatever it is I can’t help but feel wonderfully blessed. Cheers everyone, to another amazing year!

After waking up to a plethora of Valentine’s day statuses on Facebook and pictures on Instagram, I promised myself that I would not post anything gag-inducing. But today is a great day to celebrate love and so I thought I would share a few links of things that I love and adore.

  1. Today’s featured image is of one of my favorite indulgences, ice cream floats! Nothing beats the combination of creamy sweetness and fizzy goodness! Make your own ‘berry bubbly’ with this recipe from 100 Layer Cake-let.
  2. Next up, Bay area native and jewelry designer Meg Galligan is the founder of Margaret Elizabeth, who started her business by holding trunk shows in her dorm room in none other than the greatest college town in the world, Boston! The Every Girl takes us on a tour of her awesome San Francisco apartment!
  3. No day of love is complete without sharing a romantic love story. Meet Sierra & Andre, winners of The Knot Dream Wedding contest featured on 100 Layer Cake! These love birds met through a roommate listing, imagine that!
  4. It may only be three years now but I’ve lived in the Bay area long enough to feel a sense of pride whenever I see a San Francisco feature on the wedding blog roll. This contemporary, chic wedding via Once Wed takes place at the neoclassical Flood Mansion and the bride’s Carolina Herrera gown is a head turner!
  5. If you’re looking for a major dose of cuteness, look no further than these two adorable tots! I can’t decide who is cuter, the little boy and his french bulldog or the little girl who loves her mama’s cooking! Thank you Buzzfeed for introducing these cuties to the world and for taking up a good portion of my afternoon. :P

In case anyone needs a good track to listen to, check out Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson, a duet by two amazing songbirds. Hope you all enjoy this day with loved ones! Cherish every moment, xo.

I don’t know if there is something in the air but I am the biggest sap these days! I’m almost embarassed to admit it! Often times I can appreciate the attention put into a beautiful event but to me, a wedding is just that–one day to celebrate a couple. What moves me and what I truly admire is when I can see the joyful love between a couple. In life, we face challenges with believing that love can last. The test of time is a difficult one and we all learn that change is an inevitable part of everyone’s story.

Something about Naomi & Victor makes you want to have faith and fall in love over and over again. A girl after my own heart, Naomi is a dreamer and has a passion for travel. France has always had special place with me and both the bride & groom say that it is one of their favorite destinations. Delbarr Moradi does an excellent job of creating the aura of the French countryside in Victor’s childhood hometown of Los Altos. (On a side note, I may be developing a serious girl crush on Delbarr, she has amazing style!)

Sources: Style Me Pretty, Delbarr Moradi

This weekend I will be traveling to Denver for a retreat. I’m excited because this will be my first time in the Mile-High City! I’ve spent countless hours researching places to see, food to eat, things to do. After about a week or so of Yelping, I started to run out of ideas but then I was suddenly inspired to research Denver architecture and design, particularly residential.

Every region has their own character and I wanted to see what I might discover. Then I came across D&D Interiors. Let me tell you, I am obsessed. Operated by two brothers, Ron Dantes is the businessman and Mikhail Dantes is the designer with an incredible eye for style. Their website opens with the phrase, “the natural elegance of a modern classic” and it perfectly captures their philosophy. I love the simplicity of every room while each piece is thoughtfully chosen to stand out on its own yet sit well together among the others. The Hilltop project was the first to catch my attention and I immediately knew I had to share.

Source: Houzz
Designer: D&D Interiors


Kate Moss by Mario Testino

I thought it would be fun to start the year off with a post about the wildly talked about Pantone color of the year — emerald green! It’s a beautiful color so I’m definitely excited that it will be one of the biggest trends for 2013. Emerald green is a vibrant and versatile neutral that exudes elegance but is unfussy at the same time. I love that it makes a bold statement yet feels effortless and inviting. My favorite combination for interiors is to pair it with achromatic colors like black and white. Deep gold accents can also add a nice contrast. Find more emerald green inspiration here on my Pinterest board.



Sources: Redesign Revolution, Iced Vo Vo’s

Marking yesterday’s special occasion with a post of my favorite things at this moment.

  1. Adore this space, done by a sweet couple. I was initally drawn to all the snapshots covering the uber retro fridge. Can’t wait to do something like this with K’s gift, a piano black Instax camera! But I love all the pretty coral elements, plus the watercolor map of the world is right up my alley. via Design*Sponge
  2. I don’t know if it’s obvious from the photo above, but I’m a girly girl & ballerina at heart. I love all things tulle so I just about died when I saw this casual but elegant outfit. I need me a skirt just like this! via Atlantic-Pacific
  3. Emerald & rose gold are a couple of my favorite colors right now and these inspiration boards are the perfect marriage of the two. A mix of feminine and enchanting with touches of glamour and whimsy create an aura of romance. via Lover.ly for The Wedding Suite, a Nordstrom blog
  4. After a short time in France back in college, I developed a slight obsession with all sorts of tarts, tatins, pies… anything with a buttery, flakey crust. This recipe brings me back to the tarte des pommes that I enjoyed so much every Sunday evening in Lyon. via smitten kitchen

Image Source: Dennis Basso Spring 2013 Collection featured on {this is glamorous}
P. S. You really must take a look at all of the photos from the collection. It would be tragic not to. Yes, I’m being dramatic, but it is my birthday after all. :)


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